Shipping & Tracking

ShippingWe have a flat rate shipping fee of $ 5 on all orders

Tracking Information: After you have placed an order, a confirmation code will be sent along with the tracking details. You do not need to visit our website to track your order. Just open your email and hit the track button.

If the estimated delivery date of your order has already passed and you have not yet received it, we ask that you give us 1 or 2 more days since there may have been a delay in the shipping process. In these cases they usually arrive shortly after the indicated date.

In some cases, the tracking information is not updated or the tracking number gives you an error on the assigned carrier's website. These are some of the reasons why a shipment may not have tracking information:

  • The order is on time, but has not been received by the carrier in your area:  The first scan of the tracking number may not be done until the package is close to the destination area. This can happen during periods when many shipments are made and packages are processed as a group. Until the first scan is done, the shipping company has no tracking information.
  • The order is on time, but the tracking information is out of date:  delays in updating the transport company's database.
  • My order was shipped without a tracking number:  Some orders may not have an assigned tracking number, however we have provided you with an estimated delivery date.

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